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Welcome to Robin Abortion clinic. Our top priority is to provide the best abortion care and to be there for you through every step of the abortion process Robin Abortion Clinic is a private abortion care clinic. We recognize that an unexpected pregnancy can be especially difficult for women, their partners, families, and friends. We believe that the care should be private, individualized, discreet, safe and confidential, which is our main priority here at our clinic. We offer comprehensive counseling for our patients during the abortion process. because we understand that you may have questions and doubts about the abortion process. Our high standard of patient care is achieved by our staff’s dedication to exceeding patients expectations in every possible way. All of our doctors are specia...

Abortion Pills in Johannesburg – Quick contact: 002773 933 6524

Abortion Pills Where can I get the abortion pill? YOU’RE NOT ALONE – WE CAN HELP. CALL US FOR MORE INFORMATION.  Quick contact: 002773 933 6524 You can get the abortion pill at many Planned Parenthood health centers. Our caring doctors and nurses are experts at providing safe abortion and providing non-judgmental support throughout the process. Even if your local Planned Parenthood does not provide the abortion pill, you can call for more information about where to get it in your area. When looking for a place to get an abortion, beware of “crisis pregnancy centers.” These fake clinics seem like medical centers that offer abortions or other pregnancy options, but they’re actually run by people who want to scare or shame people out of getting an abortion. Getting the abortion pill through...
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Safe Abortion – Safe Abortion Techniques – Abortion in Johannesburg

Safe Abortion Safe Abortion Techniques - Things to Know Abortion can be done in many ways and is successfully being carried out in hospitals and nursing homes throughout the world. However, in order for the abortion to be a success, one must ensure that safe abortion techniques are used, or it might prove fatal for the woman undergoing it. • Use of suction The first safe technique used for abortion is that by suction where a special tube is inserted into the womb through the cervix and vagina with or without making the woman unconscious. Many times, pain-killers are injected in the cervix to reduce pain. A small syringe is used if the fetus is removed with the manual vacuum aspiration whereas an electric machine is used in the surgical one. This is a safe procedure which takes less than...
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